All new blankets and hoods are 50% off!

Estelle is retiring on May 1st, 2018 and we will be closing our doors.  In order to clear out our inventory, we are selling all our new blankets and hoods for $50% off.  ORDER NOW WHILE YOUR SIZE IS STILL IN STOCK!

Are you interested in a used blanket for 70% off?  Call us directly at (541) 388-9254 for sizes and availability.  

Does your horse have Sweet Itch? A solution that dramatically improves the quality of life for every horse that suffers as a result of dermatitis. The Boett Veterinary Blanket Widely recommended by Veterinarians who have witnessed first hand the rapid and impressive results in affected equines. The blanket provides a totally effective barrier against insect attack and prevents the typical symptoms of this allergy.

- Unique fabric & design, for wearing 24 hours a day
- Proven for over 15 years
- Excellent results in veterinary trials
- No side effects - will not cause overheating
- Will not damage hair